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Why get a maintenance agreement on your printer?

It doesn't matter if you have a cheap or an expensive laser printer, a Maintenance Agreement is worth the money. All devices break down in time, even the best quality HP laser printers. Like cars, some have parts that are made to wear out. A maintenance agreement is like an insurance policy for your company.

If you sign up with a maintenance agreement with us we offer many benefits, including a four hour response time as well as free labor, parts, and travel time at no additional charge. For a set cost your printers or plotters will be covered against all hardware failure. We also include a bi-yearly 15-point inspection and cleaning. While other companies clean every quarter because they use lower quality, third party parts, we use OEM/New parts and therefore our clients usually only see us twice a year. Your company will soon see the difference in our work when compared to our competitors, we guarantee it.

The maintenance agreement has a span of 1 year with option for renewal for the same price the first 2-3 years. Some companies will bid the contract low and then the next year increase the price 10-15%. We, however, lock you into your price for 2-3 years from the initial sign-on date. Some companies also exclude maintenance kits and other parts and hide that information from you until after you have signed on with them. Our agreements include all parts and labor, excluding consumables such as toner cartridges.

Want to compare the difference between a normal service call and one under our maintenance agreement? Let's say you have an HP 4000 with normal usage. You can expect to need a maintenance kit once a year, averaging at $300.00 per kit plus labor and trip fees. If you have a maintenance agreement with us you'll pay $325 for the year, with the kit included. For a decent industrial type printer you can expect to pay $1,100.00. So you take the cost of the replacement printer for that model, which is $1,100.00 for the base model, and divide it by 3 and you'll get $366.67. So if you get the agreement cost of $325 a year, times 3 years, it'll only cost you $975 which is cheaper then buying a new printer every three years! This means anything that breaks down in that year is covered and a fixed cost for the year, with decreased down time and faster response times. If you don't go with the agreement you're saying that for three years that printer will only need a maintenance kit. In some cases that's true, but it's like rolling the dice. The more expensive the laser printer the better deal the maintenance agreement is for your company.

For companies that do not offer any maintenance agreement or try to tell you that it's not worth it for certain models, you have to ask yourself why. One reason is their technicians might not really be qualified to work on laser printers and will end up costing the printer company a lot of money. Or, they may only use pulled or third-party parts. What are pulled parts? They're parts that are pulled from a used laser printer that then aren't even rebuilt. They won't last in your printer and they're worse then third-party parts. What are third-party parts? They're HP compatible parts that aren't made by HP, cost half as much as HP parts, and only have half the life of HP parts, too.

You also have to be careful when a printer company offers a maintenance agreement that includes all parts except maintenance kits. A lot of printer companies will not include maintenance kits in their maintenance agreements and not tell you until it's too late. For Example, HP doesn't include maintenance kits in their extended warranties, nor do they tell you. Advanced Laser Service covers all parts in our agreement including all maintenance kits.

So, if you sign up with a maintenance agreement you can expect to benefit by quicker response times, less down time, plus parts, labor, and trip fees at no extra cost to you. It will be well worth the money and you won’t regret the commitment. 

It pays for itself.


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