85.00 an hour for laser printer repair




When choosing a service company why go with the hourly rate versus a flat rate repair?

  • If  you have more than one printer repair  you are  wasting money. You call Advanced Laser Service with two laser printer repairs there is a 90% chance we can get the repairs in one hour. When you call a company with a  flat rate and they charge 75.00 per printer and they get done in 45 min to and hour you are paying 150.00 for labor instead of 85.00 for a one hour labor charge. Do understand the majority of laser printer repairs and cleanings only take approximately 30 minutes under most circumstances if you have qualified technicians. When you place a service request with advanced Laser Service and you have multiple printers they have to be call in when you place the service request. If you call in one printer and we fixed in 30 min we do not start cleaning all of your other printers. Because we have to adjust our schedule for more than one laser printer per service call 
  • Even if we don't have the part on the truck and we still have to make two trips you are still charged one hour. 
  • Any repair that takes more than one hour to do. The repair would be quoted to the customer before they are charged. Most all of the repairs that do go over are never charged.
  • 90% of the time only color laser printers and  plotters take over an hour, they are always quoted before we start the work...so there is no surprises or hidden fees when you get the invoice.
  • If you really think about it  hour rate is only fair for both the customer and the service company because you only pay for the time that they are there not and extra labor charge and trip charge just because you have more than one printer. The only reason a service company is charging a flat rate is that they come out much better. They are making double that is why there are doing this. If you go look at any service company in any industry and you will find about half of the companies charge per hour and half charge a flat rate. Half are giving service for a fair rate, the other half are charging more what is fair.


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